Warranty: 24 months
Order fulfillment: 7 days
Shipping cost: no. PLN
Producer: ICEBUG®


Winning the World Championship in orienteering doesn’t mean you get to rest, at least not if you want to stay at top. The same goes for our Spirit as we constantly look for ways to improve it and keep its position as the benchmark in the off trail business.

The Spirit3 has seen several updates and among them is a new softer upper material, yet very durable and non-absorbing (maximum 20% increase when wet) but even lighter and more flexible than before. The upper has molded protective areas. The heel cup has been made softer and has a micro suede lining. Furthermore the lacing has been updated, both the eyelets and the lace itself. The sole unit is upgraded to a level where it still is supportive but more flexible than before, this to allow the foot to move naturally. The outsole has excellent grip, with innovative diagonal ridge pattern, that is enhanced to amazing with 14 integrated carbide tip studs.

Technical info


The name of Icebugs studded technology. Shoes with this symbol has a certain amount of carbide tip studs in the sole. 

Non absorbing

This symbol means non absorbing. These materials gain very little weight when they get wet. Important for footwear used in wet condition activities where weight is a critical factor. 

Torsion (T) EASY FLEX Medium Flex Stability Flex
Drop (D) 4 mm 6-9 mm 10-14 mm
Cushion (C) RESPONSIVE Medium Full
Last (L) NARROW Medium Wide
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