Warranty: 24 months
Shipping cost: no. PLN
Producer: ICEBUG®


Cool trail running shoe with airy mesh upper, well protected with toe and heel reinforcements. In contrary to its ,almost bulky, presence it’s surprisingly light.  The mesh upper keeps the foot cool even on warm summer days. The upper material has a low wet weight thanks to a closed cell construction in the foam and the mesh textile. ProtecPU protective trim on toe box and heel cup. 3D flow-molded exo-skeleton cage supports and embraces the foot, retaining it closely over the midsole during aggressive maneuvers. The high friction RB3A rubber compound has a perfect balance between traction and durability. Excellent ground control thanks to low profile and the low drop. Certo is a stable shoe perfect for recreational trail runners, or for long distance training for more experienced runners.

Technical info


Icebugs traction technology for unstudded shoes. Shoes with this symbol has Icebugs new rubber RB9X in the sole. 

Water resistant

This symbol means water resistant. Materials are treated or dense enough to repel water. They are not 100% waterproof, but they do give you protection from foul weather.

Torsion (T) Easy Flex Medium Flex STABILITY FLEX
Drop (D) 4-5 MM 6-9 mm 10-14 mm
Cushion (C) Responsive MEDIUM Full
Last (L) Narrow MEDIUM Wide

Footwear ICEBUG®

  • Midsole: 

    Compression molded lightweight EVA with TPU stabilizer

  • Outsole: 


  • Series: 


  • Weight: 

    270 gr (USL 7,5)

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